Unit 3 Assessment Saturday, Jun 27 2009 


1_An ability to resolve work according to the objectives defined in your proposal

Video ‘Number 1 London Bridge’

Quoted from Post-Pages:Text for video ‘Number 1 London Bridge’ Saturday, May 9 2009
A4 print

On the arena of grass surface of Number 1 London Bridge, people come and go, ship comes and goes, London bus appears and disappears. This is the Matter world. Antimatter element is always intervening through the Matter world, though we never notice. It means ‘Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin’ I wanted to express this intervention of Antimatter element to our world in the London Bridge video work of mine…..

Link to https://miekotakanami.wordpress.com/text-for-video-number-1-london-bridge/

My project proposal undertook a major change during the course, because the original proposal, was ‘Anti Plastic Campaign’ expressed in Performance ‘Fish and Plastic ’ in which the fish is dying due to eating up plastic debris. At the end of the scene I put ‘Mantra’, chanting ‘OM’. That was my attempt to create a transitional link to ‘Antimatter’ from ‘Matter’ world. This was what I focused mainly in unit 2.

Post ‘Fish and Plastic’ on Wednesday, Apr 30 2008



Post ‘Fish and Megaphone’ on Thursday, May 15 2008


Objectives – one objective was to become proficient with video editing techniques. Started with the motivation of editing myself for my performance video in unit 1, and moved to create video itself in unite 2.

2_An ability to articulate and debate issues pertaining to digital representation and presentation in relation to audiences and professional contexts: It was most exciting practice to me in the course. I enjoyed to present my video to audiences and to get feedback from them.

need to discuss:
How my work will be seen?: In the solitary room in complete darkness

Why am I showing like this?: To the purpose of revealing Optical illusion and blinking Antimatter intervention.

Why use video?: Moving image video has most appropriate function for my purpose.

Importance of ‘after image’: ‘after image’ is close approximation to express for Antimatter.


Video ‘Optical illusion creates after image’. Link to:


what do you want the audience to go away with?: I want to share my belief with viewer of which is that Antimatter is always intervening in the Matter world, though it is beyond our sense perception.

    3_Practical skills in negotiation, organization, promotion and realization hosting of an exhibition whilst working as a member of a team

    Reflect on the show organization:
    Within digital arts practice peers created diverse outcome; Noel’s installation work in empty main corridor transformed into creative space, Zai’s experimental sound under the light effect is unique, computer expert Tim’s final piece is surprisingly
    sculpture while computer expert peers exploit advanced skill in their field and I perform ‘Fish and Plastic’ at private view.

    what are your thoughts about where you are showing?: The space of my show is based in the small dark room from which continues across the corridor to the wall of opposite the door. From screen monitor to the wall is spread with red cloth of about 50 cm width.

    How is the whole show curated?: According to individual need for their art work to exhibit in best way applied.

    4_An ability to analyze and reflect critically upon your own and others’ work in the context of current practice
    Artists statement:

    Other artists that you have looked at:
    Alfredo Jaar, ‘The Sound of Silence’ at the South London Gallery (16|2|2008 – 6|4|2008) influenced me largely to employ Studio flash lighting on my project. I was so impressed on his work and now I trace back in its recollection.

    contemporary artist debate around science/dark matter

    5_An ability to evaluate and summarize your overall progress and formulate a con-structive plan for continuing professional development

    discuss changes
    future of project

    6_An ability to produce work that reflects the concerns of the course of study and current research in digital arts

    link to film online


Big operation for the final piece Wednesday, Jun 24 2009 

The video ‘Optical illusion’

After all this video ‘Optical illusion’ was not approved in general. The main reason is, I think, simple shapes and symbols are not so exited in the eyes of viewer and above all the phenomenon of optical illusion is the fact of common knowledge. However the last placed symbol, negative portrait of Jesus Christ of which is my most favourite, was decided to use in combining with the video ‘London Bridge’. It works well both in visually and logically in accordance with the title ‘Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin’.

Video; ‘Number 1 London Bridge’ Wednesday, May 20 2009 

Antimatter visualization

‘Number 1 London Bridge’ is sub-title of main one ; ‘Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin’.

My fascination to the above titled thesis led me to create videos. How to visualize Antimatter has been focused issue through unit 2, whereas Antimatter is beyond our sense perception. In this video I employed the metaphor for visualization of Antimatter.

In the centre of the image showing below, there is a rhombic space. I put images; geometric ceiling or Christmas illumination. Ceiling image seems working in contrasting with the background of Matter image. But the Christmas illumination images seems it did not work whatever I manoeuvred the speed of frame, even frame rate is o2 of which it seems ideal for visualization of Antimatter intervened.

Then I changed the image of Christmas illumination to Airport light.

images of Antimatter-Blog

A freeze from the video ‘Number 1 London Bridge’ Saturday, May 9 2009 

For this part camera was looking up the sky almost vertically of which framed by surrounding the building of Number 1 London Bridge. The still image became brighter and stronger contrast by PhotoSope adjustment.

A4 print

The impotant point in my project; if ‘after image’ appears or not Monday, May 4 2009 

The work would be shown on white wall through a projector.

Considering the exhibition of my project ‘Optical illusion creates after image’, the most important aspect is that if ‘after image’ is able to appear in the eyes of viewer or not. Therefore how the work would be shown become an important issue. There are a few choices to show; on screen through a projector, on flat monitor or plasma screen through a DVD player.

I’ve kept inquiring myself on and off why after image does not appear on the flat monitor of computer. Since I saw ‘after image’ when I experimented of Flash lighting setting for my video at the photography studio. Then I realized it that at that time I used through projector to show my video on white wall.  The video projector must be key tool in my case. The projector equips lens and also through light of which is not backlight or reflector equipped in LCD (Liquid crystal display). This must be the reason ‘after image’ appeared at that time.

This is just an experiment of new way to reveal after image Friday, May 1 2009 

Is  this work or not ?

Each single black bar sit in different degree to 360 from 0 degree in each white background. Those single black bar move around from 0 to 360 degree by stop motion system in video so that viewer is able to see a white circle in black background. Each image keeps for 0.6 second, if make it faster the image does not register at one’s retina at all. Longer keeps image, more registers at one’s retina.
But if I do so, optical illusion video visually become boring. This is just an experiment.


New development after crit on 23rd April Tuesday, Apr 28 2009 


Discovery and new development Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

Discovery and new development after experimenting of Studio
Flash setting for ‘Optical illusion’ video at photography studio

I noticed the following points after I tried on Optical illusion video to see if after images appear or not in dark room.

∗ It seems plural shapes in one canvas is difficult for through human eyes to register in one’s retina.

∗ I will try  in the next place by replace of apparent plural shapes, but connecting each other in one canvas in order to see after image cleary.

∗ Against my expectation it seems the shapes made of primary colours is less visible for after images to show.

The result of experiment of Studio Flash setting for my video on 2nd April 2009

I dreamed to make Video Installation by using actual Studio Flash to flash automatically at the certain frame of Jesus highlighting on ‘Resurrection of Jesus Christ’. It resulted impossible, although I asked technician at South London Gallery in where I saw the ‘Silence of witness’ by Alfredo Jaar, he gave me information for me to inquire to few companies for how to create automatic setting. The result was unfruitful, unless use an expensive computer soft (?) like TV production company use, so it is impossible to create what I want.

On the 2nd April at photography studio I used timer setting to camera, the camera connects to Flash and the camera to computer. In this way Flash worked at the certain flame and repeated tree times after pressing start button. However Quick Time Player in the computer became disable.


Images of Jesus christ Saturday, Mar 21 2009 

Image of Jesus is the last picture of the series of video ‘optical illusion create after image’ which evolved from the thesis: Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin. Shapes or images are to be Matter while After images are to be Antimatter. Whereas Antimatter is not able to see, touch and feel. It is no form and no weight.


More shapes for ‘optical illusion’ video Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 


Flash lights Friday, Feb 6 2009 

I’ve attended at Flash workshop taught by John Whapham today. I practice to use flash – gun and experiment to find out for suitable flash power. To book studio on next Monday is what I am going to do.

It became so important for me to be knowledgeable of the know-how of flash – lights, since I decided to use flash – lights accompanied with the video clip for my project. The flash – lights go off in the installation room when video clip reaches the certain frame, the portrait of Jesus Christ appears on the screen. This suggests the lightening occurred just like after crucifixion took place.

Alfredo Jaar, ‘The Sound of Silence’ at the South London Gallery (16|2|2008 – 6|4|2008) influenced me largely to employ flash – lights on my project. I was so impressed on his work and now I trace back in its recollection.

The development after Crits/22/01/2009 Tuesday, Feb 3 2009 

Group crits [Mid point review]

Notes to be taken by each student:

  • Using dark room accompanied with noise and makes the installation aggressive.
  • Antimatter visualization is possible mostly created by using Matter stuff.
  • The portrait of Christ to use in art form is controversial.
  • Answer to this is; my work is about spirituality. However I am not sure if the authority of our university is let me allowed to do this.
  • For effectiveness point of view it might be better to change to Big Bang noise from White noise.
  • Experimentation is essential to see for optical illusion to create ‘after image’.
  • Making actual video has to proceed to see if it works well or not.

The idea and its thought to my project has been developed since Mid point Crits.

Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin

My digital art piece was created according to the above heading underpinning. Matter is visible while Antimatter is invisible.

How to visualize this Antimatter in the digital form is crucial point to me, of which is beyond human perception. Creating it as a form of Metaphor or abstraction using Matter stuff is the option to visualize. Among the sensible thinkable ways, ‘after image created by optical illusion became powerful weapon. ‘After image’ appears through own eye function, however its substratum is own consciousness. The consciousness is belongs to the very Antimatter, which I believe. This means ‘Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin’.

This realization I’ve been pursuing through unit 2 mentioning in both discussion and research papers quoting about Quantum mechanics and comparing with spirituality. I want to success in making video to reveal to viewers that the consciousness create the world. This is the core of Quantum mechanics.

At the final frames of the series of optical illusion video I put the portrait of Christ. For only this frame I make with the sound of thunder and lightning flash accompanied. Those fabricated natural phenomena suggest the recapitulation of an event of which had taken place some 2,ooo years ago upon the crucifixion of Christ. I quote,

At the moment Christ gave up His life a violent storm arouse with lightning and thunder, and winds rent the curtains of the temple. (Hislop. P.20)*

Whether the setting of photography studio flash is available or not, and connecting it automatically to the frame of Christ to flash, it will be video installation in the dark room. Hopefully I want to make this setting.


*My Baba and I by Dr. John S. Hislop
Sri Sathya Sai Book & Publication Trust
6th Ed. May 2004

Scary Optical Illusion Sunday, Jan 18 2009 

keep staring at this picture for about 20 seconds and then look at a white surface (a wall or a big piece of paper). One of the very classic illusions. The best thing is ; the afterimage seems to be a sharper picture than the original.

This photograph of Jesus is the actual portrait materiaized by Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Various shpes for video Friday, Jan 16 2009 


Photos for StopMotion Thursday, Jan 15 2009 


The phenomena of Antimatter Monday, Nov 24 2008 



In the Matter world I express my belief that it is the phenomenal world as an illusory passing show.  And for the Antimatter I create by using video shoot of the phenomena in relating to Antimatter, hence each matter is the manifestation of the Antimatter. In living daily I sometimes encounter to the wonder of Antimatter’s phenomena.

Matter and Antimatter are two sides of one coin Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 

The Matter world is phenomenal passing show within time and space, while Antimatter is devoid of phenomenal existence beyond time and space.



People come and go
Car comes and goes
Birth, death and re-birth
Where do we come from,
and where do we go to

The day of the dessapointment Saturday, Nov 15 2008 

It was on 14th November 2008.
I went to the City in order to re-film of ‘the City of London’ to meet the standard of MA study.

Alas…. I couldn’t find the site where I am intended to re-film. All I saw was construction site. It took for a while till I realized that my favorite site was demolished and reconstructing a new gigantic building complex. I reluctantly took the photo of the same location of where looks to have changed to so uninteresting view now to me.

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